No one is completely good, and no one is completely evil. We are all just compromises between our personas and our shadows.

From “Psychology for Screenwriters” by William Indick, Ph.D

Heroic Figures

Everything which I have created as a poet has had its origin in a frame of mind and a situation in life; I never wrote because I had, as they say, found a good subject.

Henrik Ibsen

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  • Introduction To Your Identity
    Identity is a complicated subject. We can often get lost in the existential crisis of not knowing who we are and what we mean to the world around us. But suppose for a moment that the answers are simpler and rely on, helpfully general and open tools of identification. The ungraspable piece of the puzzle… Continue reading Introduction To Your Identity
  • A Grand Rarity
        I feel rare.     This will not be easy to explain.     But here it goes. There are few men in my family that have children. Very few. So few, in fact, that if we look on my great grandmother’s children, 1 boy and 3 girls, two of the women had children, while one,… Continue reading A Grand Rarity
  • Penalty For Romanticism
    Romance is not necessary for action. Freedom is. Once you are free to act one needs very little coaxing, very little reason to move. Therefore, how does a man act from one layer of motive and keep deep feelings like love and connection important? I refuse to slip back into my old macho ways without… Continue reading Penalty For Romanticism

As the soil, however rich it may be, cannot be productive without culture, so the mind without cultivation can never produce good fruit.


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