Latest Post: One Bad Motha…

In true Millennial fashion, I have published an eBook.

I worked hard to compile the very best of this blog.

And here it is!

Add it to your eBook library now. (It’s under $10.)

Go to the Amazon Kindle Store or follow this link: Call Me “2021”

Rock Smooth, Be Well!


No one is completely good, and no one is completely evil. We are all just compromises between our personas and our shadows.

From “Psychology for Screenwriters” by William Indick, Ph.D

Heroic Figures

Everything which I have created as a poet has had its origin in a frame of mind and a situation in life; I never wrote because I had, as they say, found a good subject.

Henrik Ibsen

Latest from the Blog

  • One Bad Motha…
    The reason fathers don’t have their children and the mother does is simple. Mother’s without children are bigger liabilities for law enforcement than men without children. Women lose their minds when they lose their children. To the point that medical attention is required. A father handles this pain much easier. After all, no one spent… Continue reading One Bad Motha…
  • Sick, Mental, Absolutely Mad.
    Sick. Mental. Mad. Off his rocker. Screws loose. Afflicted. Nuts. Cah…razy. My mental disorder means a lot about me, but one word I haven’t used to describe myself yet is: sick. Yet it’s the truth. I’m sick in the head. I literally am treating the sickness with prescription antipsychotic medications. Do you know what it… Continue reading Sick, Mental, Absolutely Mad.
  • …And I Shall Never Have Sex Again
    I want to go in depth about a problem below the belt. No, I’m not turning into a woman, chimpanzee, or bat. Not that I know of. Anyway, I’ve had an issue with it for long enough and my doctor’s aren’t treating it like it is it’s own problem.     I’m being treated for a… Continue reading …And I Shall Never Have Sex Again

As the soil, however rich it may be, cannot be productive without culture, so the mind without cultivation can never produce good fruit.


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