A Step Back

Take a step back.

America is struggling.
America is dying.
America is poor.

The United States of America is defined by its people. People who are struggling with the normal demands of life while choosing how to deal with a very abnormal pandemic. Abnormal because the American government hasn’t come to their aid when it mattered the most. Today, a couple of days before Christmas 2020, the struggle has been ongoing since March, and there is no end in sight. And there are many areas of the population that are constantly deteriorating.

It’s time to take a step back and realize that we are not getting better at handling this crisis. Whether the problem is elected officials, partisan gridlock on Capitol Hill, or confusion over the logistics of protective equipment, newly available vaccines, personnel and available space at hospitals, the solutions still don’t heal America quick enough. At a time when the death rate is so high, that yesterday was the second highest number of deaths since the start of the pandemic. The exact number?
3,000 in a single day.

It doesn’t look like we are getting better at this.
The idea that we have to wait until the 20th of January just for Presidential leadership to be up to the task of what has to be done is so much a fact that we can expect more of a struggle, more death, and more poverty between now and then.

The next president has a lot to correct from the current administration. But make no mistake, our current American struggle is singularly the fault of the incumbent president of the United States who has failed to uphold the duties of the office on nearly every occasion there was to align with its highest values.

But what does an American do?

We have to do something else until January 20th. Something that will save lives. Something that will ease our struggle. Something… as a People.

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