Oh Nashville

Nashville. Christmas Day 2020.

A bomb detonated downtown, blowing half the block apart, 115 people lost their jobs on Christmas morning.

15 minutes earlier, authorities received a false tip about shooting in the same area. When they arrived, a recording blared from a parked RV stating they had just enough time to evacuate the area. Luckily, they did just that.

15 minutes from the time of the warning, the RV explodes. Only 3 people are injured, but the damage is extensive. Online videos show entire outer walls falling from buildings, cars without wheels and missing half of their frames, the air thick with flame and dark smoke.

The aftermath is still young. This could be anything from an disgruntled former AT&T employee to a terrorist act on American soil. The options in between are unknown in number at this point.

Nashville didn’t need that this year. Not now, not ever. Jobs are scarce as it is due to the pandemic that blasted a majority of the year’s public functions to bits. Employees all over the country out of work, at home, and out of ideas take to the internet to fill the void. Some of them AT&T customers, a company with a large office building far too close to the explosion. Some of their servers went down after the blast, no doubt affecting customers. God only knows what it was like within the building itself.

Somebody is responsible. Someone had to record the warning, drive the RV, set the detonator, explode 2nd Street. I hope they find the responsible party soon. Nobody likes a cocky son of a bitch with explosives. Nobody.

I’m praying for Nashville. For the affected. For answers. For justice.

Despite the incident, enjoy your Christmas. This and every year. 

-Incident details via The New York Times:

Nashville Explosion Appears Intentional, RV Played Warning Message of Bomb

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