We The Unemployed

It appears President Trump doesn’t want the quickest relief bill available signed into law. Here 12 million of the unemployed sit, collecting pennies, scratching lotto tickets, and waiting. Most of us with empty shelves, after a meager Christmas and dreading each envelope in the mailbox, afraid it will be a bill that will end up in a pile labeled “pay soon”.

Today, we the unemployed hoped that the president would finally sign the bill on his desk. A bill passed with bipartisan support and inclusive of aid to many aspects of relief from the coronavirus pandemic. But at 9am Saturday morning, the bill is still unsigned.

According to The New York Times (https://nyti.ms/2WIDDTF), there are still options in the event the bill goes unsigned. This as lawmaker Nancy Pelosi is scheduled to appease the delay, centered around a raise in the direct stimulus checks to qualifying Americans from $600 to $2000, with an attempt to do just that on Monday. 

No telling if it will work, but it may just be what’s taking the president so long to sign the bill. After all, the raise was his idea.

We who are struggling, we who are without work, we who collect unemployment due to the pandemic in some way shape or form, we the unemployed, all reportedly 12 million of us, want to finally stop dreading our bills, participate in the economy, stay as healthy as we can and eagerly do we want the president to sign whatever bill will accomplish that. 

Monday cannot arrive soon enough. It’s a hard fact. The new year is upon us, which means rent will be due on the 1st. Try as we might to distract ourselves, we are feeling it. Like a punch to the gut of everyone who has lost a job in 2020 and hasn’t recovered. We’re hunched over in the boxing ring and the guy in the other trunks is Uncle Sam.

We can do better than this. Once Joe Biden is president, I’m sure things will be easier, but we the unemployed need relief now.

Right now.

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