The Hope Ahead

Anticipating the Biden Presidency

Photo – Andrew Harnik, Associated Press

It shows remarkable sensitivity to the history of America to choose so many unlikely cabinet officials. Good one, Joe Biden; Kamala Harris (VPOTUS), and Pete Buttigieg (Sec. of Transpo), Lloyd Austin (Sec. of Def), John Kerry (Climate Envoy), a complete list can be found at Picks like these develop a sense that great changes are to come to the American political landscape… if only the People can wait until January 20th when the Biden Administration takes over the White House. Shocker: no one can.

Trump is being just as much of an oval pain in the ass as he was when he found out Rudy Giuliani was in a Borat movie- the word I’m looking for is Enormous Oval Butt Hole. Ok, that’s a few words, but I can’t wait to say sayonara to Mr. Universe, Mr. Republic, whatever they’re calling him in their fantasies of a tyrant they can cozy up to. By “them”, I’m referring to his fan club, the republican base that can see no evil in corrupt politics.

Politics that defeat the purpose of transition teams between presidencies by stonewalling the incoming administration at, of all places, the department of defense. Biden himself had to come out recently and shame the president for this, to which the defense department said it was an “internal issue” on the Biden team’s end, not a DoD issue (Politico). They’re lying for him, they’re covering up his despicable leadership of nothing but sycophants.

But the American People deserve better, and we have a lot betting on Joe Biden to correct the alignment in our country like a chiropractic adjustment. Because that’s what we were taught by Presidents like his former boss, Barack Obama. Hope. And the audacity to keep it going in the midst of challenge, struggle, and unworthy leadership. We know what we need. This is America. We’re used to a bit of bipartisan “jockery” on the Hill. The main hope should be that it calms back down to a comfortable level for working, tax paying, poverty stricken, fat ass Americans like you and me. So maybe, just maybe, we can enjoy our football, beer, and burgers without worrying about conspiracies from the uneducated level of hell.

Be well.

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