Lame Duck Rage

Photo via Reuters

In a courtroom, when a prosecutor accuses a defendant of a crime, they looks to witnesses to place them at the scene committing the crime. But when the counsel won’t accept the witness’s answer that they were somewhere else and decides to invent a scenario that would lead the defendant back to the scene, it causes the defendant’s lawyer to rise and object. The presiding judge may ask for the defense’s grounds for objection, to which the defense will reply: “Reaching.”

What’s behind an attempt at reaching is the attempt to stretch the story. This is known as lying. Pushing an event into a story because you are unsatisfied with the way the story is going, ignoring certain events that took place in the story, changing the story itself, is only allowed if events are fictional and so more flexible. 

Reality is not the same. Once a real event takes place, it affects people differently, but it doesn’t change what happened. Lies have a set of stages to them. Forgive me if I’m a little rusty at the exact structure, but I’m sure there are fibs, white lies, mortal sins, ignorance, denial, senility, Alzheimer’s, pathological denial, hallucination, delusion, and the unique refusal of the truth rightly labeled as blindness.

What am I talking about here? 

Current Lame Duck President: Donald J. Trump.

The guy from the phone call to Georgia officials in an attempt to “reach” for additional votes in a fit of blind rage. I’m surprised he wasn’t slurred in his speech, because the call’s tone steadily took the shape of someone highly affronted without the merit of having been wronged and deserving of justice being served. In no way is the president justified in his claims. 

I heard half of the call. The first half. Though there have been reports of what I missed, like the threat of legal action and instances of extortion, but what were highlights for me were the blatant lies and unfounded threats from the first half. In the call, Trump’s first threat was that he would use false numbers against the official Georgia voting results at his rally Jan 4th. This is after he complained that 5,000 “dead people voted”. 

That’s one hell of a stretch. But before I go into a rant on blind rage itself, suffice it to say that for President Trump, it’s a chronic condition with unknown causes, and with heavily public and more evidently; long term symptoms.

Be well.

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