AntiRacist Sensationalism

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If enough black people complain about white people enough, then the coin will simply flip and we black people will become the racists.

I have no reason to hate white people. You may hate the kkk. I do not proclaim the furthest or nearest of sympathy for them or their ideals. To me the kkk is a murderous gang of heathens who don’t represent the majority of white people or even white culture. But I won’t be sympathetic to our black brothers and sisters who are scared most white people are hiding hoods in their purses, backpacks, back seats…

Yes, we matter. But who ‘we’ are needs to broaden to include the entirety of humanity, the beasts of sky and plain, our ancestors, and our children. We all matter. And that’s my point. White people are suffering in the news by reputation, by proxy, by racial association. It isn’t fair. It isn’t right. It isn’t true.

Remember when the Black Lives Matter marches turned to looting and rioting in 2020? The same way the news and spokespeople for the movement separated the peaceful protesters from the agitators, the same can be said for white people, and black people, and Mexican people, and Spanish people, and French people, and lions, and tigers, and bears.

So why? Because some animals are more desperate than the others. But you aren’t born desperate because of the color of your skin. I wish to my depth that people were not born in times of famine or scarcity, or into families of poverty, hatred, or lack of love. But it would be naive to assume that hatred cannot be taught. That prejudice can form from the news trending against colors of skin. 

Humans are beasts just like every other sentient being. We are on the warm blooded side of the mass genetic pool the earth supports. Which means; we all require care from the species, a devoted mate, and from the individual. The species breaks down into groups called families and there is more family than the one who nurtured you. Otherwise, there would be no redomestication of formerly homeless dogs or… yes, humans.

Humans are beasts. Beautiful, intelligent, social, but still beasts. The point is, the agitator will always find a home amongst a current of people ignoring them so they can express their desperate anger. From the agitators at BLM marches, to the police officers who sparked the protests by their actions. 

But my black brothers and sisters… don’t cry wolf. If there’s real racism, we’ll stand with you, and so will the white people, Mexican people, and Spanish people, and French people, maybe not lions, and tigers, and bears and homeless canines (well…), but those who have learned how similar we truly are are not against you. We are with you. But you can’t become a sensationalist antiracist, agitating the news cycle with your claims of racist treatment. You are no better than a rabid fox. You are not clever, nor will you get rich with a malfunctioning nervous system that causes you to chew on everything in sight.

Be well.

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