Secrets of Goodness and Skill

Putting things in its place means when your teammate gets the ball, it becomes an assist because you knew who would score. It takes intelligence to be good. Smart people know where to give what. That’s the secret to skill.

Goodness does not come at a price. It comes from experience. Those people who give cigarettes to those who request one, most of the time know what it’s like to need one, not have one, and be rejected by everyone you ask. It’s called position recognition. Or to those with study in the field: empathy. 

Goodness isn’t chastity or purity or cleanliness. That qualifies as angelic or godly. Mortals can only try but fail at such goals, though intentions be well placed. 

Another godly quality: compassion. This, we mortals can succeed at. This we mortals can achieve: to know our allies as well as our enemies because all parties are human. Which means they share universal feelings like anger, fear, disgust, happiness, surprise, and contempt (via Ekman- Motivations like love, ambition, jealousy, justice, objective, or in some cases, mere goal.

You cannot be good without the intelligence to know where thing go, and the Heart to give to that which is in need. How do you know who or what is in need? You will feel it. We feel drawn, attracted, led to people, places, and things that deserve what we have more than we do. The decision to actually sacrifice our time with what is needed, is what makes for decency, goodness, and respected action.

So you don’t receive recognition. Big whoop. The greatest people we celebrate didn’t know recognition while they lived. They died having given, because the world itself, at the time, didn’t know that they had been given exactly what they needed in order to make their ideals a reality.  Not the usual godly ideals, but the mortal ideals: Humanity, compassion, goodness, love, duty, belonging.

Do good. Be good. Promote Goodness.

Who knows, according to theories about karma, it could come back to you in time.

Be well.

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