The Insurrection

US Capitol, Washington DC – Jan 6th, 2021







These were the words journalists were told not to use to describe the riot in Washington DC yesterday that broke into the US Capitol and killed 4 while delaying the efforts of lawmakers in the building who were confirming electoral votes and solidify a new American President. The journalist brave enough to stand and use the correct language that opens these words is MSNBC anchor Ali Velshi. Velshi’s tweet in full:

“Words I will use on TV tonight:







I am hearing from fellow journalists who are being told not to use these words. Resists attempts to censor your language. Democracy depends on bearing witness & holding power to account.”

– @AliVelshi

The power accountable is none other than the current president of the United States, Donald Trump. Who held a rally during the proceedings at Capitol Hill and riled up attendees who became incensed and attacked the Capitol Building.

Worth noting: 

  1. Metropolitan Police (DC Police Department) were outnumbered and unprepared for the insurrection that came to the Capitol. An investigation is hopefully forthcoming into why. 
  2. The President-Elect spoke out after the building had been breached to appeal to the incumbent in hopes President Trump would tell the domestic terrorists to go home. Trump showed in a video a few minutes later stoking the mob’s flames and finally telling them to be peaceful.
  3. Phone communication was difficult in and out of the Capitol during the height of the violence.
  4. Lawmakers hid in undisclosed locations within the building until the grounds had been cleared.

It was an attempt to circumvent the will of the People. A unilateral move by a desperate President in an election year. By a loser who will always be remembered as the sorest loser who lost so badly he turned on his own country, organized a group of radicals to support his radical ideas physically, sometimes with weapons. In attempt to overrule the results of a US election he has rallied the biggest domestic enemy known to live within and heavily oppose the balance of the United States: White Supremacy.

Not a single insurrectionist was a person of any color but white. These bearded fellows should all be prosecuted. Donald Trump ought to be impeached, prosecuted, and exiled. Exiled for dereliction of duty, inciting a riot, abuse of presidential power, sedition, negligence in response to a global virus that caused lives in the tens of thousands, and for those who have died as a result of his public conspiracy-mongering. He should lose property, the Trump name disgraced and removed from public view.

Exile this hate from office. I hope that every lawmaker who endured the Siege of the Capitol is well, and seeks justice for this betrayal of our democracy.

Be well.

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