Riotous Belief

Image via Wizarding World


People will believe in their circumstances. Here’s what I mean: yesterday we had an attack on the nation’s capitol. That is the reality. An insurrection organized by the president of the United States, QAnon, Proud Boys among others. Why? They were incited by the president who gathered them (in the first place) for a rally protesting the results of the election. The day the votes would be counted in congress. 

How the president got his rally attendees to march on the capitol building in Washington DC was with rhetoric. Pure and simple. He played to the crowd. You could imagine they exalted him. The energy goes back and forth until finally, the crowd goes wild and starts moving toward Capitol Hill. 

Let’s pretend these are normal people. Let’s pretend that they heard language that sympathized with their circumstances to the point that they felt close to who was talking to them. Wanted the best for him like he wanted the best for the people in attendance. There’s just one problem. They’re all, fundamentally, wrong.

Religion relies on the belief of the people in the sacred texts supplied to devotees. All Trump needed was the internet. 

But I have to say, that if you want to own the United States of America, you don’t get to. You sure enough cannot destroy historical landmarks in an attempt to conquer the place.

My concern isn’t the way people work. It isn’t classic psychological profiles producing character type. Or with the fact that experiences can change such characters. My concern is that this attack on our liberty will NOT change the character of America.

The strength needed is the strength of democracy. The strength of a democratic nation’s people. A people who resist dictatorship, authoritarian leadership, and domestic terror. 

Are we Americans? Are those still American ideals? Or are we now a flailing concept dying on the floor in between life and death, much like the scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (left) where the last piece of Voldemort’s soul lay fragile, fetal, and fading?

I believe our nation’s soul contains a stronger density than hatred, it’s followers, and it’s banners. I believe in America. We have ALWAYS been great.

Be well.

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