Legitimately Overdressed

Image: (Formal Image)

I have been practicing a certain style of attire since I was young. I’ll explain my decision and the circumstances that led to it but first, a confession:

I overdress.

Daily I have been focused on dressing not just good, but well. This will be the first time I’ve ever had a complaint about it. Though I realized as I dug into my own ash pot for a re-fry, I realize that I’m not above this action were it in public or the privacy of the backyard. 

If I am digging for cigarettes in public (the front yard lol) then I try my best not to wear Ralph Lauren or anything that might upset the possible model that just turned up the street by accident. 

This isn’t how it started.

I grew up very poor. I’m not very financially stable now, but back when I was young, there wasn’t money for my mother to afford to buy clothes for 3 girls and 3 boys. Usually she bought more clothes for the girls, and the oldest child being my brother who had more friends and more energy, usually gave me his hand-me-downs. Typically at the stern request from our mother.

The clothes I got to wear were never flattering, never fitting, and never really mine. So I couldn’t be more misunderstood, ignored, or unattractive in this stage of my youth.

Things got better when I got a job at the local theme park, but that was high school, and I didn’t hit my stride until senior year when I gathered fellow students around a freerunning (Parkour) club. It was then I found my size was important. Important enough for my shoes to fit and be shock absorbent, my pants to be sturdy, and my shirt or hoodie fit for the weather with sleeves short enough for my hands to be able to grip a brick ledge if I was lucky.

After high school, I was familiar with two great styles I would need all my life: work uniform and training gear. Training gear gave way to relaxed wear, and uniform gave way to business, business casual, and business professional.

Then, since I had chosen a trade I had little interest in instead of wasting a loan on a four year college (…) I learned what to wear to nightclubs and bars with dance floors- for me, that meant comfort gear; things you wear when you know you’re going to sweat, but you know you’ll be surrounded by close to 100 people and it’s so not a massive yoga class. 

I’m guessing somewhere between Business Professional wear and comfort clothing, I got comfortable in my clothes. Which trust me, is a false positive.

Nowadays I overdress for every occasion. Why? Because in this pandemic, there is no occasion. The best occasion I found so far, was a job interview, and lo and behold; they were a casual company. I was a little pissed. Almost offended. (Okay, I was offended.) But what was I supposed to do? Let my fancy clothes catch odors in the back of the closet? 


So I wore my fedora on the train, my polos never get a week off, and tomorrow, I’m probably going to wear my dress shoes to collect cigarettes from the tin out front. Who cares?

I know I do. And that’s the whole, damn, point.

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