Get Use To His Face

Image: President Joe (MothaF*ing) Biden

President Biden.

There is a new Captain on deck. It is time to get used to seeing his face, hearing his voice, and knowing your President, your Captain. Joe. Biden.

And as this American ship approaches the horizon, we are carrying many wounded, many who are poor, many who have lost their livelihoods, and family members to a deadly virus that is shaking the entire world. 

Our last captain was an amateur on the water. He got sea sick and puked onto the internet. This he thought would control his subordinates because they never knew where it was coming from or when it would happen. Some say it was the ale he drank, others say he held false beliefs that came from distant lands that clouded his vision and occasionally caused revolt on our precious ship.

But those days will be over in just a few days. We look forward to a Captain with vision. Or what would be known to a layman, who is yet to know our seas, as ‘plans’. These plans will come from a level head, fixed by Goodness, Kindness and respect. A level of Heart that is shown in the team that he has chosen to help him steer the ship. The most diverse cabinet in American history.

Which brings up the elephant in the room: History is going to be made beyond the wildest assumptions of our allies and enemies alike. And though there will be those who will whisper that President Biden is an illegitimate leader who stole the ship, those whispers will be silenced by the trumpets that blow from the true crew of the ship, those that know the waters and don’t believe in fallacies in our election process. History knows the heart of America, and it’s soul. In the end, the Captain is chosen by majority vote of the crew. The helm cannot be won by stealth, violence, or coin.

This will be an unprecedented presidency. The way is marked by the consultation of our better scientists, doctors, and leaders. By the vision of President Biden. 

Hail to the Chief!

Aye Aye, Captain!

Get used to his FACE.

Get out of his way.

Be well.

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