The 4 Major Causes

Photo: The Matrix (film)

There are details behind actions. Reason behind plans, cause to an effect, a position behind words.

To that end, opinions and views behind words either spoken, written or placed on a billboard, all have their reasons for being communicated. Look past the need to communicate itself, and see the impulse behind it.  Look past the impulse and see the event that caused it. Every course of action sprung from it’s necessity, every product sprung from it’s idea.

But all of that is going backwards…

What of the content within the present circumstance? Future circumstances?

Will the action become another detail in a long chain of events? Sure. Some would call that the natural behavior of efforts. 

Consider the building of a table. Behind it’s construction either necessity or decor. The effort requiring wood. Thin wood for legs which must number beyond two, and a flat slab of wood for the table top- if you’re not using just one big log. Details, like nails or screws, hammer or screwdriver, and then there’s polishing it…

Consider that, if there truly is nothing new under the sun, and creativity is merely a product of gathering pre-existing material for use in possible reconfigurations. In this event, the materials are the content, the cause, and the effect altogether.

There is no beginning, there is no end, there is Reason.

The reason for gathering the materials in the first place is to answer a question, respond to an event, or join/oppose a position in discussion or on a trajectory, all due to previous answers, responses, viewpoints and destinations.

When lightbulbs replaced candles, it was out of necessity. Those events that take place out of whim or inspiration are joyous indeed, but logic can trace that source to circumstance. 

Circumstance is a large part of Reason. Usually, if Beast or Process cannot answer the question “why” then certainly the answer is either circumstance or environment. They may be called:

The 4 Major Causes

  1. Beast
  2. Process
  3. Circumstance
  4. Environment

They are measurable, observable, and logical.

  • Beast includes those of sea, land and sky.
  • Process includes technology, mechanism and time.
  • Circumstance includes necessity, inspiration and emergency.
  • Environment includes experiences in nature, the natural world, and natural phenomena.

They are tools that can be used in settings where explanation is lacking. They are not answers, but they point to where an answer may be. There will be information in these 4 areas if there is information anywhere.

Be well.

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