Congressional Betrayal

Image: The US Capitol, Washington DC (nps)

The Capitol Riot struck a nerve with the American nation. All throughout the 51 states and territories we watched as Capitol Hill was invaded and ransacked. Days and weeks after what was called many things, an “insurrection” one of them, we heard stories of just who these thousands of individuals were, what they believed in, what their aim was. And we heard from lawmakers who were stuck in the building still looking forward to confirming the votes for a new president during the riot.

Of those lawmakers were those who hid under desks, called news stations from undisclosed locations, and feared for their lives. Almost universally.

Attackers would have taken these lives if they had the chance it was revealed. So when they survived, the investigation began into who was responsible. 

The main party responsible: Donald Trump supporters who believe the election was stolen from them. It wasn’t. But they tried their best to prove that it was. Anything to keep Trump in power. Trump and his allies that is.

Some of those allies are lawmakers. They were in the same state of protection during the riot. They had taken the same oath as their colleagues to uphold and defend the constitution. But when it came to letting the constitution do it’s job that day, these lawmakers who supported the lies surrounding Trump and even perpetuated them, there was no oath. There was time to make a stand and that’s when these allies to Trump became traitors. They chose to follow the president above following the constitution that put all of them there. 

But before this day, the traitors were spewing lies on stages (Ted Cruz), holding up crucial law that would have the pandemic under better control, and when the riot was storming the steps of the Capitol, they raised their fist in support (Josh Hawley). You’d think they hated their job, hated their country, one of the two. But the truth is: they think it is theirs alone. That it doesn’t belong to anyone who is democrat, that it should be Donald Trump’s America until… who knows when?

It is a betrayal of your fellow congressman to put their lives in danger in order to attempt to steal an election. It is dumb to try and steal back an election that was fair and secure. That makes you the thief. The culprit. The betrayal is yours. It is time that you pay for it.  And your colleagues, if there is the brass I see in them, will make you pay.

Be well.

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