The Way of Self Control

Image: (The Culture Trip)

It is not the truth that earns us punishment, it is our guilt and the subsequent confession that earns the most rebuke.

From thence, should we not repent but repeat, it is the duty of others to correct us.

But the longer our guilt lies suppressed, uncontested, and allowed to exist, our behavior will not relent.

We must find honesty, confession, repentance, and contrition. We must replace our guilt with humility and self-acceptance if we are ever to maintain self control.

In remembering our weakness, our contrition will lead to recognition, this awareness will lead to compassion as we will inevitably see our weakness in others.

Immediately or eventually, we see the way to correct their behavior, and by this realization, discover the way to correct ourselves.

This is the way of self control.

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