To Kiss You

A Poem

Haven’t met you

To regret you

I would have to

Neglect you

But don’t be so distant

In this instant

You are something

The riddle and the clue

All tangled in one

The lone lips

I’m blue

At not having you

But I’m green on one kiss

For I must grab those hips

You may hate me for years

You may drown in your tears

But if I can’t have lips

You’ll never have that

This, This, 

The magical us

The typical me

Your mood and your fuss

My mood and I cuss

I curse and I burst

Don’t know what I want

Or how do I stop

I just wanted to kiss you

The rest I can’t hack

The more I persist

The worse you react

Before I mistreat you

I say au revoir 

For before I kissed you

I had dreamt too far

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