Concerning “The Chase”

Photo: via Muddy Colors

The Chase, it’s thrill…

The winning, the losing…

It’s all part of the game.

To treat it as if it were a game in the first place takes practice.

To be over affected is to lose even worse when the chips are down.

How does one win? How does one remain unaffected?

This has come full circle, one simply sees the game as a it is: a game of chase. 

One should be happy it is not a game of chess. Though if it has become so, then you must beware of all pieces, and know that every queen is protecting her king. 

If you are not her king, then you are a threat, even if you gain her trust. At best you will be her bishop. An advisor. Able to be sacrificed as much as a pawn. Beware of this queen. She is far worse than her king.

But forget chess, back to the chase at hand. That being the Chase itself. 


The first thing to know about the chase is that it is between two beasts of the earth. The pursuer who chases and the poor beast they select to chase. 

The pursuer chases the pursued to possess them in some form or another.

The dark side of the chase are those who pursue to eliminate the other beast from the field. Tigers, cheetahs, and lions, all pursue to kill if they rise to chase at all. The same could be said of the assassin, the arrogant, and the ambitious…

Those who chase a trophy eliminate those in the path before it. They do not chase the beast, they chase the accumulation of prize.

Prize being a subjective incentive, unique to the taste of the pursuer, can be anything on the earth. But to the victor the spoils. And every game has its name.

Again I digress from the Chase itself…


To enlighten you of the pursuer, the chaser, the hunter with a prize. The prize being his game.

I turn to you, now.

What is your game, your prize, your pursuit? Indeed… your beloved?

Will you play the game of chess mentioned above like the pawn? The bishop? The queen?

From whatever view you choose to pursue your prize (if you are wise this will change as you pursue) you can only rest once you have won.

But winners do not rest. There is, alas, no prize at all. There is the skill of chasing well. Nothing else will come of this that will satisfy.

Once a (skilled) hunter, always a hunter.

Be well.

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