The Significance of Another

Sculpture: Antonio Canova’s “Psyche Revived by Cupid’s Kiss”

The season of Valentine’s Day is the most inviting of warm feelings. It is said to have rivaled Christmas. If Christmas was for boys and girls and Valentine’s Day was for mommy and daddy.

But nothing can take the place of a significant other. That doesn’t stop people and professions from trying. Those people are your siblings who need to feel a connection and don’t have anyone. Those professions? Stripping, Prostitution, Pornography, I refuse to list them all though I may not be missing many.

I digress…

This is that time of season. The season for romance. For married couples, for lovers, for hookups, one night stands, getting back with your ex, and taking it to the next level with the person you love, moving in together, getting a pet, proposals, setting the date, the whole nine yards.

It is also the season for loneliness, recognizing just how significant someone can be when they’re not yours, for crying over bowl after bowl of ice cream, for romantic comedies for one, not to mention the relapse, homicide and suicide rates, jealous brawls, arrests, and hospitalization common for this holiday.

At the end of the day, we feel so strongly about just having a significant other that once we do, they become more important than even ourselves. That’s if we’re doing it right.

That’s what I want to encourage out there. Do it right. Lose yourself in the love of your other. Embrace with your whole heart. Give of yourself, not to yourself.

A lot of self interest comes with being alive and having to create or maintain your territory, but it is the very definition of love to give your territory up for your lover. There is no better explanation for the madness they create within us.

Question yourself if you don’t feel this strongly about it. Question your lover, question your motives, but above all question your own intentions with this person. You may trust them, you may enjoy them, but what would you give to keep them?

It’s the only meter you have for how long you’ll be together. The more you can live without, the more you will try to.

Sacrifice is the true measure of love. It comes in many forms- compassion, philanthropy- but it’s true love is romance.

Did you catch what happened to “true love” just there? It was redefined.

One’s true love is the person who unintentionally makes you a sacrificial lamb. Christ loved his father. He should have loved humanity more. It was his father’s mission to show mercy to mankind through forgiveness. Christ died for God. The evidence is in his prayers (book of Matthew).

That’s Christianity. Only love itself survives the story. So once your heart is set on the beloved, if it takes blood, if it takes fortune, if it takes life itself… give it. And claim your mate.

Consider what it would like to be without it (again). Do your best to keep love with you. May love be with you, so you may run to your lover if agony befall you. For if love be absent and agony find you, you may wish you had fought for it more…

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