Weight Gain, Weight Loss

Image: Fat Mario

My studies on weight have come to a conclusion.

That being that the less you do, the more weight you gain. The more active you are, the less weight accumulates upon you.

I have 3 examples. One of which is myself, the others are my sister and my nephew, her son.

I myself believed firmly that it was a side effect to my antipsychotic medication which I have been taking for years. My weight having started it’s incline once I switched from daily pill form to monthly injection. Though this has not been proven by either my doctors or myself.

I now believe it is due to the fact that I have not exercised very much over the same time period. I am now overweight.

My sister, once an active duty service member, has been in incline since her diet and physical training decreased. She can now barely fit her tights since her honorable discharge a year and a half ago.

My nephew, once very skinny, has been playing video games and binge watching cartoons for a year, or since the start of the pandemic. Now a brisk walk with his mother earns him a trip to the doctor’s office for a look at his bruised feet and ankles.

What is the lesson here? Our activity must increase, but we must not hurt ourselves in the process.

It has been said “no pain, no gain” and I believe this is true. However, once we have already gained, the pain we have to look forward to has to be that of exercise, activity, and the inevitable perseverance such work will demand.

It may be months before we see any results like a drop in weight or once again fitting into old clothing as before, but one thing is certain, the wight must be lost.

Perhaps what we have to look forward to is a sort of “new normal” as a result from our efforts. And while I cannot speak for my sister or nephew, I do speak for myself in saying that I shall endeavor to find the right activities to allow weight to balance itself. I look forward to a new normal, because the current normal has never been a place I want to be.

Be well.

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