Defying Covid for Love

Image: Lovers for however long…

It’s been a year, now that March is here, I’m not going to let COVID19 keep me away from having a girlfriend.

It’s been long enough.

The holidays have been tough and in order to face the next ones, and for the sake of my own heart, I have to find a girl. 

It’s that simple.

I will now remove my mask when I think I have met someone I could be romantically involved with.

This is the problem:

I’m jealous of the relationships I see, the love scenes in movies, the stories my siblings tell me about their brushes with love.

I want that. I miss that. And I’ve been ready for that for a long time.

I know the potential. I know I could catch a deadly disease if I find someone who’s symptomatic or asymptomatic and my mask is off as they cough or… we kiss…

But after a year of not even kissing a woman, I must brave the pandemic. 

The plan:

I will not be walking the streets without a mask, I will simply not use it when my options for love increase. As for distancing, I will still obey the mandatory guidelines in public settings and be masked in all of the appropriate settings.

The thing is; if she seems healthy (which is the usual requirement) enough for sex and is around my age, and provided she has any interest in breaking with guidelines (rules) for any chance at romance, then that’s a sign I should pursue.

And so, instead of doing nothing and suffering for another year, I will Pursue With Caution.

Wish me luck, I may not emerge from love alive…

Be well.

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