The New Emmanuel

What am I now?

Totally sober…

No drugs. No weed, meth, no cocaine…

No alcohol. No wine, no beer, no liquor…

No sugar. No sweets, no chocolate, no energy drinks…

No longer available for parties with old friends.

Old friends all drink… old friends still do drugs… old friends don’t really care…

No longer reliant on bars. Little did I know that my last drink at a bar was… my last drink at a bar.

I have to find new friends.

Start fresh. I’m like a new guy. The new guy.

The new Emmanuel.

Oh my God, how weird is that? 

And I’m not even a messiah like the old Emmanuel!! 

All jokes aside, the new me is going to have a tough time socially. I’m probably only going to get along with parents or coworkers.

Unless I take charge of my health for real and join a gym.

Let’s do that. 

I want a personal trainer, too.

Let’s do that.

I just joined 24hrFitness.

I hope to be training and maintaining my health for years to come.

Let’s do this!

I might become a yogi, body builder, or shaman.

One thing’s for sure, I’m going to need to put on a lot more muscle before I get back into yogic practices, which will become Pilates most likely.

This is gonna hurt, too.

But the adage is true: No pain, No gain.

Be well.

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