Class is a War

Social Class exists all over the world. Certain groups, certain people, will entertain only a select few as part of their group.

Ever applied for a job? Went to an audition? Dated? Took a test?

The above are attempts to be apart of a different class. To be classified as employed, as the role of a character, as someone’s lover (more or less), to pass to the next classification.


Working Class.

Middle Class.

Upper Class.

Class exists. 

But it is a war.

We are all battling our lesser selves and trying to reach a higher state of being.

The dark side of that is racism. 

People battle to be apart of different races after faking in love with members of other ethnic groups. It’s very common.

Not everyone is concerned with keeping up the genes of their ancestors. Some would like to mix things up and create hybrid children and hope they inherit the strengths of both parents.

If grandparents disagree with the race you’ve chosen to mix with, the consequences could be dire, if not damaging.

This class dynamic is so old that some of the first rebels were defying their parents so they could follow their hearts. They chose to love whom they found love with, and have faced the fallout.

What do we do?

Do we blame the war on class? Do we blame racism? Do we blame individuals who create the problem? Whose side are we on? Will we support our own race to the detriment of others? Or is there a more compassionate solution to all of this?

To be free to chase the classification you see for yourself, to be what you want to be, is true freedom.

It’s worth fighting for, living for, dying for.

Apparently it’s also worth giving up British Royal title for, too.

Be well…

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