Ok, I’m going to touch on Race.

I’m going to start by saying that as a black man born and raised in the United States, my only complaint about race has been hearing people complain… about race.

Usually concerning an opportunity that was denied to them on the basis of the color of their skin or judgments about their attitude, temperament, and/or skill aptitude due to the color of their skin. My skin. Our skin.

I didn’t choose this hide to live and dwell in, but again, my problems with it are few. Nothing like those who cannot bear to see it achieve any glory. The fault there lies in the guilt and shame that many whites, and to some degree many Native Americans, feel when they see my hide winning accolades and living better lives than they. Some are angry about it, some feel the air has been pulled from their bubble of superiority above our hide.

But there is no such superiority. There is only priority. And this is our main problem in the race conversation. It is an economic issue more than it is a judgment one. Sure you can deny someone a job, a date, or your business as a customer, but if you are basing this on the color of our skin, then you are denying yourself the resources of our effort, our mind, and our communities.

Meanwhile, we ourselves have been pointing to the wrong solution to the problem. So many blacks in this country are worried about the the inclusion of our community. The idea that we are missing opportunities based on our color. This is a mistake.

What we should asking for is not opportunity, but Privilege.

It is not enough to have the right to compete for the same job, girl/guy, or ‘opportunity’ as the rest of the country. Half the opportunities afforded by our historical rise to freedom are useless in our hands. And admittedly so.

The privilege afforded by having connections in the right places that can vouch for your strengths, lead you down the correct avenues, and support you when you are struggling, is what we Black Americans should be fighting for.

The opportunity is ours. It has been won. Fair and square. But our privileges remain wanting, wilting, and promiseless at best.

How many high profile blacks exist? Count them. You’ll find less than 100. How many vulnerable blacks are being given priority during the vaccine rollout? How many believe we ought to listen to science?

The privilege to be accounted for, to be thought of, to be considered when it matters most- to be called upon… The necessity of a human community, an individual, and their family, is important to the survival of that people. Are we blacks afraid that if we are to necessary, that we will become enslaved again? Or are those with all of the opportunities and secrets of privilege too worried that they will enslave us again if we are to once again be in demand?

These are deep questions, but necessary. I don’t presume to darken the skies around us, but I do dare to say, that instead of focusing on the economic opportunities we are missing out on, we ought to be focusing on increasing our Black Privilege. The privileges afforded to us as Americans under the constitution of the United States. 

No, we didn’t ask to be here. But now that we’re here, let’s be friends already. If it’s about toys, let’s share. If it’s about money, let’s work for it, hard, and split the bill at the table. If it’s about the opportunities of our children and their children, let’s forge new ground and expand our understanding, culture, and reach. And if we are on the same privileged ground, why don’t we just walk side to side, because neither one of us has the foresight to know where we’re headed past our planning. 

If God be watching, let Him see communities work together in the glory that He imagined. With the compassion He gave His son’s life to protect, the love He envisioned would surround our actions, and the honor we owe Him, each other, and ourselves.

Be well.

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