Open To Routine

Routes repeated are routines.

Repetition in direction makes for a regular path.

One’s path? One’s route? Once chosen is either repeated or discarded.

Lost? You’ve left a path. A route.

The real question is do you have what you were looking for?

If you don’t then you’ll be less lost when you find the best route to your intended destination.

Aim for destinations that fulfill your needs. Aim for routes that lead to your desires.

Be honest. Without the truth we are lost for miles.

With it, we have what is truly necessary; details upon our map.

Along the route we find the tools we didn’t have at the outset. Some of those tools are destinations within themselves.

You have to get the knife before you cut the meat, for a simple example.

You may regularly cut meat, you may regularly drink coffee, you may regularly exercise. But your route toward these destinations are varied. 

They are still routine.

Finding yourself without routine? Sure, risk insanity and leave structured activity behind. Never does it last.

When you are ready for something bigger than yourself, you will find that routes become available. You must be available in return. This is known as readiness or willingness.

Plenty of people want their needs met but aren’t willing to take the route necessary.

Sometimes you have to “take the shot you got.”

You may not be in a position for a 3 point shot, but two points is still worth shooting for.

Sometimes you have to take the route available, but if it doesn’t lead to your needs or desires fulfilled, or you are not willing, you don’t have to take it.

This refusal does not make you lost, although there are people who are ready yet refuse the best route still. 

These folks are afraid. All they need is confidence. They must find the tools they need before setting out. Though at times the tools, again, are found along the route instead of beforehand.

With millions of routines out there (and many routes as well), I hope that you choose well, and that these words have helped you find the routine best for your needs.

Some may see the vagueness in these words and shy away from their message, but my aim is at an openness to the many outlooks that may pass by these words, and my hope is that there are enough tools within for anyone having trouble with decision making.

Be well.

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