The Crown (Netflix)

Brings to mind the conversation of Duty… “The Crown” on Netflix. And right away as well. You’ll notice my writing is a bit “English polished” as I’m currently experiencing the first episode of the show.

Thought I might record my thoughts…

There’s always been a missed link in my mind as to who Prince Phillip is to the Queen of England…

Google? Wikipedia? Someone? A book?

My God, I do hope Churchill was not such a slob! A cigar with his soup while his vitals are checked? Not advisable at all!

Prince Phillip is Her Majesty’s husband. An honor he must be very grateful for. Any Taurean man would be jealous.

But casting John Lithgow as Churchill, brilliant… I’m sure.

But they’re trying to kill a man. It’s obvious. He’s lost a lung yet people are still offering him cigarettes when he has a fit.

Classic assisted murder.

It’s just a slow burning death trap.

Dude. It’s brutal.

A takedown, a coup.

Anyway. I enjoy it.

Be well, folks.

-and try to acquire a few accents different from your native speech. What matters is the honesty in the words, sentence by sentence, not how it is said. So say it differently, and watch joy come from the place that singing comes from…

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