I Run.

Image: Nike Run ad from Pinterest via Pop Sugar.

Some guys don’t care. 

I do. I’m running from something.

The theory goes thus: those who run for exercise are either running toward something or away from something.

For me, it’s actually both. But mostly the latter.

I do care to explain, thanks for asking. 

The psychology side: Those who are running “away” are running from one, or quite a few, memories. Those running “toward” are running to reach something or somewhere.

The theory is based on the classic fight or flight response. You either fight your enemies or you run from them. But you can do both. Like punching a bully and then running so they don’t retaliate (immediately).

My main exercise is a walk/jog/run mixture. I have a lot of calories to burn. Matter of fact, as I sit here, I am 100 lbs overweight for my height. I classify as obese. My doctors told me if I don’t change my diet and habits I will develop diabetes. I’m running from… that.

I’m running away from every experience I had high on methamphetamine.

Exercise is literally keeping me sober. (And that’s the plan, Stan.)

I’m running away from the couch. The armchair. The remote control. Even the bed. Who’s in that thing but me anyway?

I’m running toward Freerunning again (yes, parkour).

I’m running toward smaller jeans. Smaller t-shirts and jackets.

I have a personal record to KEEP breaking. And my iPhone, my new Apple Watch Nike SE, health apps, gym membership, and the data they will give me are going to be instrumental while Project Thunder carries on. Strong.

Nike Run Club and the Apple Watch are my latest teammates on this Project. I don’t want thighs clapping as I walk. Bad thunder. I want feet pounding pavement, grass, asphalt, all terrain really. Good thunder.

No more thunder thighs. It’s time to lose weight and chew bubble gum… and I’m all out of gum.

I’m running.

I’m running.

I’m running.

I can do this.

I can do this.

I can do this.

I got this.

I got this.

I got this.

I run.

I run.

I run.

Be well.

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