Invitation to the Collective

Photo: Michael Phelps, on a podium all his own.

The collective is where we need to be.

We are not born aware that we are a part of this vast knowledge. This ocean, this world.

But that’s exactly who we are.

It is one thing to cling to individualism, and surely as we grow up, we are pushed in this direction as it seems healthiest at the time. But usually this means “Get out of my hair, I’m busy”, not “build your fortress of solitude and share with no one”.

Two small sides of a far more complex shape.

There comes a point where we see that there are things we do not have and wish we did. This jealousy leads us toward personal ambition, but once we have our hard fought independence, then what?

Then we must turn our souls toward others and join the collective in the global pursuit of happiness, health, longevity and prosperity.

It is not enough to arrive upon a podium if you cannot lead another to their own. If you cannot go further. If you cannot see beyond it.

One hand reaches forward, the other reaches back, and as a world we progress, it’s as simple as that.

Simple perhaps, but the road is long and arduous. Success comes in waves, failure and misfortune threatening to pull the plug on the whole project. 

But there is a bridge here. One that must be crossed eventually, but one lacking a natural inclination to take.

That being giving people a chance. Stepping onto a bridge to help someone across requires that you value each other.

A gap exists between the individual and the other. In the middle isn’t a lot of work. It’s just a thick puddle of mistrust. Though there may also be work to be done. Inner work that must be undertaken to have the strength of sure-footing. 

My idea is that one does what they can for themselves. Once you have “risen” then take out your hand and bring others along with you. 

The ground they will occupy will be different than yours, but you will both (or more) be further than you were before. Not to mention – helping others can totally replace all those boring hours you aren’t using!

Health is in demand. Answers are in demand. Problem solving is in demand. Calm is in demand. Load up on these things and deliver when the time is appropriate.

Fall backwards, and take no one with you. Fall on your own. But get back up. Reaching out for a hand to get back up may not always be fruitful.

But you can be the change you must see in the world.

You are that change. I am that change.

And change we will.

It is a very human, evolutionary, and psychological destiny.

Be well.

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