The Current American Imperative

A Black American who admires both America (still) and the English? 

Am I a rarity?

Of course I admire the English! What’s not to admire?

America has a more difficult job. With the extremists allowed to hold office against the poor, the black, and the morally equipped, where do the loyalists to Abraham Lincoln, JFK, and the Bill of Rights take solace?

Are we a dying breed?

Forgive my doubt if such loyalty is strong among you. For I am not questioning it. 

Though I do admire our cinema, our beautiful mix of women, our music, our lack of political grandeur…

What is missing- is our moral intelligence. 

Can you find the Deep South attitude in England? Perhaps not.

Not even the cuisine.

What is missing is our appetite for taste, refinement. And it has been dying for decades.

Morally? America has no sense of duty. Only a sense of profession.

We owe our leaders nothing, yet they have found cause to damage us and our neighbors with their misinformation and legal misfortune and aggression and ambition.

The American Reputation fell with Donald Trump. Truly. What an idiot.

Will Joe Biden bring it back? 

Will Joe Biden rebuild, or perhaps benevolently redefine, the moral tradition?

There is no duty to restore, so how about profession?

Can Joe Biden restore the American profession?

It is the task, my dear Oval Occupant.

It is… the Opportunity.

Reports are he can stop chaos in the Middle East.

Be well…

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