Your Empty Shelf

    A home typically comes with a shelf or two. You may have one in your office (fancy you), you may have one on or under your desk. But you could have them in these places too:

  • Your mind & memory
  • Your love life
  • Your (I’m gonna say it) uterus
  • Your dining room table
  • Your living room
  • Your music app playlists
  • Your podcast life (!…)
  • Your streaming binge list
  • Pick a place

    Now what if those shelves were empty? I don’t exactly mean like in Men In Black where they erase your memory with the push of a button and a red laser, but I don’t doubt that you follow.

    It’s easy to find solutions to this emptiness…

Got an empty mind? Walk out the door. That’s a prime breeding/feeding ground for nature or the city around you. Just stay away from commercials and YouTube, you can get royally screwed that way and need serious therapeutic counseling.

Empty love life? Make yourself available to someone you’re attracted to, and be kind about it.

Empty uterus? Same remedy. Also may require you to walk out the door for best results depending on your relationship shelf.

In other words, a home of empty shelves demands the tenants get off their butts and fill the inventory.

If you were a thief (as I once was), your honor isn’t found amongst your fellows, it is found in the measure of your success in fulfilling your duty. Which is to not return from your mission empty handed.

For some, the Duty is to the mind, the pantry, the country, the boss, the work, or what have you. But soon the duty becomes the Honor. 

And here’s how, step by step:

  1. Initiation
  2. Trial
  3. Error
  4. Correction
  5. Practice
  6. Performance
  7. Dilemma
  8. Return
  9. Performance
  10. Practice
  11. Performance
  12. Success

What’s the point? Simple: Bring something home.

Your reaction to your “empty shelves” can be the difference between economic scarcity and economic abundance. 

If you aren’t greedy, you’ll land amongst the modest who have plenty.

But first you have to be honest about which shelves are empty, which are aching, and which ones are fit to burst. And adjust (No. 4 above).

I sincerely hope you found insight in these words. I pass them to you in hopes that you find these qualities useful. Chief among them; Duty, Honesty, Modesty, and Honor.

Be well.

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