Remember The Dissidents

The Taurean Sage presents:

Note: From the day of the arrest of Roman Protasevich. 

Heroes of “The People”

By “the people” I mean the population governed. In this case it is the section of governed populations who need saving from their autocratic leaders. 

In America we vote them out of office (i.e. Donald Trump), or amend our constitution to allow for the appropriate changes. But in Russia and Belarus, apparently, it takes a bit more action to affect a change, and those who champion the cause are not always blessed with good fortune.

This is due to the Autocrat. 

The lengths gone to to save the people, support the people, free the people, give the people democracy, are the stuff of legend. 

It takes everything a hero has, and we see heroes (known as “dissidents”) like Alexei Navalny in Russia and Roman Protasevich in Belarus on trial against leaders who oppose their plight for the people.

Not only does America vote autocratic leaders out of our own political leadership, but we stand with those who seek democracy beyond.

Quote: “We demand an international investigation and are coordinating with our partners on next steps. The United States stands with the people of Belarus.”

-Antony Blinken, U.S. Secretary of State

Via the New York Times

Secretary Blinken is echoing the historical precedent of U.S. law. The way democracy is preserved by the U.S. constitution’s emphasis on extending the liberty of its own people, as a people, has been the guiding force for it’s policies concerning foreign nations.

The idea of political ambition towards authoritarianism, for those who suffer from it, may not have or believe in the moral evolution known to experts in psychology, zoology, and culture. 

To believe that you alone are to rule a population – and owe none of the ruling power to the people so they may air the concerns, needs, ideas, everyday living costs, and so much else that you alone cannot see – is the most near-sighted way to run a country.

Alexei Navalny is currently imprisoned in Russia where he may be for a very long time. How long? I legitimately don’t know. But they’ve been trying to kill him in various ways before and after his last arrest.

As for today’s latest hero of the people, Roman Protasevich, here’s a quote from the same New York Times article mentioned earlier:

“If he is accused and convicted of terrorism, he could face the death penalty.

The charges of inciting public disorder and social hatred carry a punishment of more than 12 years in prison.”

Navalny is a challenger to Vladimir Putin in Russia. According to the Wall Street Journal, Navalny is more concerned with the people of Russia than Putin’s concern of Russia “extending its influence into other former Soviet bloc nations.”

To share their ideas, both Navalny and Protasevich used Telegram, instant messaging software. Protasevich co-founded the NEXTA channel on Telegram where the New York Times says Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko’s “foes” share information and organize demonstrations against the government. Lukashenko sent fighter jets to reroute a commercial flight carrying Protasevich to Minsk so they could arrest him there. That was apparently this Monday morning.

The anger felt by the people who expect justice, yet learn the harsh realities of tyranny, are cries heard near and far.

And when they lock Protasevich up or indeed murder him, he will become a martyr. A sign that tyranny will kill anyone to maintain power.

We know that already.

But the prevention of martyrdom is where diplomacy needs to begin these days.

It is what’s best for the people, because it saves people like journalists and advocates of democracy under autocratic rule from certain death.

If there is still justice in our country, we will act to preserve the lives of those fighting for the freedom of their people.

Be well.

Free Navalny.

Free Protasevich.

End Autocracy.

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