A Snake Problem

A Snake Problem

In a dream, I healed my sister, who walked away fine. Then I was bitten by a snake, and trapped by a second snake to ensure my suffering.

It is not the first dream of being bitten. 

The first dreaming encounter took place in a modified local park refit for a Traceur (freerunner). The stones were square, the amphitheater was similar to real life, and once I had completed my parkour run, which was elating to say the least, I was bitten by a snake. I fell from it’s venom, and during the spread of the paralysis, I awoke.

Both dreams took place in a park, the dream in which I healed my sister was a park in the night, the other dream took place in the day time.

A deeper look into lore, myth, and symbol, reveal that, thankfully neither snake is a phallic symbol. The dream of daylight held the longer snake, but it’s chest, if you will, was wide. The two snakes from the night were as small as leeches, curved, slimy, and black like the “Alien” films.

Nevertheless, the lore held no wisdom about being bitten, only tricked by snakes. Psychological history also was useless, plenty of unreliable web addresses. In which I had no trust as one should always be wary of unsecure websites.

The myths led me first to the Greek figure Hermes (Roman: Mercury), the guardian of merchants, god of magic, diplomacy, rhetoric, and… “escort of newly deceased souls to the afterlife”. 

Well that cannot be. I wasn’t on my deathbed (nor am I now), I mean, I have a history of theft, but those days are behind me. Furthermore I did not steal in these dreams.

Though had I not awoken, I would have feared for my life longer, each snake bit was venomous. That much is certain.

Worthy of note: I considered Medusa very early in my research, but seeing as she was not present, and my sister is no queen of stone, and as I was alone in the first dream, I ruled her out. Though I do own a sterling silver ring of medusa that I could not get rid of after purchasing for over $100. It’s from New York (and hopefully not cursed…).

Then, though I had dismissed it at first, I read the details about the second Greek figure associated with snakes – Asclepius. 

You know Asclepius if you heal (or manage to treat) ailments. If you are a patient, you probably know of his symbol, that of two snakes entwined around a staff.

One snake is bad news.

Two snakes could be good.

My interpretation is this: I am bitten by the healer’s curse.

I may have only taken a deeply Professional Massage Therapy course at a trade school. But having been a successful graduate, I have the skill of therapeutic touch, the knowledge of ailments (pathologies), assessments, treatments, and remedies. 
That makes me equipped with healing knowledge. I have taken no oath and do not practice. My punishment could be dreams like these, that awaken my investigative nature and spit me out at the healer’s curse – which I understand to be the guilt of not healing enough.

Those who do not heal, do not weep. All who weep may not heal. And those who can heal should not weep. 

Physician, heal thyself.

Which is what I believe happened in the first dream. I was in heaven practicing enviable dream parkour. Then a snake bites me? A possible sign of the healing gods.

So how did I heal my sister in my dream? I saw human anatomy in my mind (third eye), verbally asked her to fix her posture to support her shoulders. She did it. That was that.

She walked away.

And before I could get up, the first leech-sized alien snake bites my left ankle (in the first dream, right ankle), I fall immediately. I must have tried to crawl, because the second snake blocked my forward momentum.

If the bite on the leg is meant to be a dog’s nip and ‘playful’ affection by the gods, then it’s getting a bit close to unwelcome attention.

I’m 33, I’d be like Nathan Fillion in his role as “The Rookie” in med school. That’s if I could afford it.

What am I to do? Open an apothecary? Trim cannabis leaves? Open a small business of healers, writers, and podcasters, and f* Millennials?

Even if “Manny’s Millennial Minefield” has a certain ring to it, it’s just a dream.

…the thing is; I take my dreams seriously. If it were a dream wherein I was enjoying a bacon cheeseburger, and I had all the ingredients, I’d hop right out of bed upon waking and make that burger.

Should I do the same here?

This wasn’t so obvious as a cheeseburger craving. It took forever (and ever) to find a valuable opinion on its meaning.

For now, I’ll search my soul about it. But I should at least use my ‘powers’ for good. 

Manny’s Magical Methodery…
Manny’s Medical…
Manny’s McChicken… (what?)

Manny’s Maniacal Maladies…
Manny’s Merry Melodies… (oops!)
Manny’s Magnificent Musks


Be well.

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