Breathe and Focus

I must confess; I’m in a pretty negative headspace.

As I struggle with what job to choose after letting myself go during the year of mask mandates.

With the COVID Delta strain now ravaging the world, I wonder if the unvaccinated will force businesses to shut down to protect them.

In that case shutting down wouldn’t be the solution, the vaccinated will be the only ones working.

Such circumstances are hypothetical.

What has me so blue is how truly weak I feel.

How strength training seems difficult to come by for me.

How if I use my stationary bike to burn fat I may just burst a fucking testicle with my thunder thighs.

And how- hang on…

I still have brisk walking. And seeing as I live on a hill in Colorado, taking a few (5+) laps around my block every day should burn a few calories!

I’m not completely poor (and my living expenses aren’t out the wazoo) so I can buy some free weights, dammit.

And I can amend my diet to less processed foods.

It’s not Lance Armstrong style fitness, but sometimes when you’re playing billiards you may not have a good shot to take, but you may have possible options to increase your chances next shot. You may even have just a really difficult shot. 

The point is: take the shot you got.

I may not have fucking bowflex (the 8 ball corner pocket of my dreams) but I do have coffee and joggers.

That’s all my fat ass really needs.

I’ll give it a week. If I don’t feel stronger by next Saturday, then it’s time to add on exercises.

Take the shot. Pace yourself. Breathe & Focus.

You got this.

Be well.

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