A Toast for Fathers

So what does a father do on Father’s Day… 

If he has never spoken to his 9 year old, OR held his 2 year old in a year?

Even if it is their mother’s fault?

Then you congratulate other dad’s even though you don’t have your own.

So I raise my glass to the guys who have their children…

To the guys busting their ass to get to soccer practice when they wish she was playing softball or tennis.

To the guy who’s picking up the laundry from the laundromat because living in a motel is all they can do right now.

To the guy whose tie isn’t just right for the ceremony of seeing his son claim his wife.

To the guy who is weeping uncontrollably at his son’s graduation event.

To the father who never misses a remote chat with his daughter who is chasing law in the city of her dreams.

To the guy who never thought he’d make it to the birth of his child and finally did. 

To “making it count”, because there are guys who know how to make it count, and still aren’t getting the chance to.

To Father’s Day, and all the father’s we’ve lost or never known.

And to you, the ones who still love your father, no matter what your mother or legal guardian, or brother, sister, cousins or friends say about him.

To the guy who wants to take the next step and finally give his girl her first.

To the guy saving his swimmers for the right girl. Or the right time.

To the father protecting his pregnant daughter after her idiot boyfriend left her to do it on her own.

To the father paying for college.

To the father hustling to pay for everything.

To the father just now stepping up because the test said it was his.

To the father who decided to stay.

To the good father within all of us.

A Toast to us. 

Be Well.

(ps. I used Jack Daniel’s in this toast.)

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