Work. Spin. Dance. Blog. Pray.

In combination with upping the dosage of my mood stabilizing medication, burning sage and blessing myself every Sunday has had a very positive influence on my behavior.

Three weeks ago I started to “smudge” with sage and now I’ve stopped wasting time on projects that weren’t serving anyone or myself and have begun to focus more on things that serve me as well as others.

My new job will take care of serving others, provided I am successful in all pre-employment screenings.

I have jumped back onto my stationary bike and thank heavens it isn’t painful to my groin as I feared it would be formerly.

I think I may have the desire to dance in the privacy of my home. You know, just to work out the kinks and maintain a rhythmic balance in my physicality.

My blogging rate has risen, and I’d like to keep it that way. There’s bound to me something or another to keep the inner poetry flowing and the mental health in check with displays of organized thought.

And I have begun to pray again. To pray the rosary. I know I may never worship the lord again, but one does need to chant every now and then. Especially when one still craves spiritual practice in their lives.

If you’re heard of (of course I’ve read it)…




I have a different set of priorities:






Be well.

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