Haven or Hell?

Havens are the goal, not heaven.

Here’s why:

Hell is all that we are dissatisfied with or about. All pain and injury, all disease and disorder, all mistreatment and mediocrity. It is the excesses, evil, deceit, and cruelty in our intentions, actions, and habits.

Hell is a bad place. But hell can be escaped. It can be left, like a horrible pit stop. Hell is the place you are when you are traveling through the desert and find a gas station without water or food and they’ve managed to lose the key to the toilet even though you’ve been holding your intestines in check for miles.

But it should be a worse hell if you await the afterlife for repayment of these debts. 

To be patient and only receive death in the end.

To refuse intercourse and never find a wife.

To save a life with your own and there is no reward after the sky goes dark for the last time…

There are rewards, I believe. But they are within the life we live, not the life we know may not exist through death’s door.

Paradise is finally winning a championship game.

Paradise is where there are enough supplies to keep you healthy.

Paradise is what is known to the English language as “a haven”.

The word sounds similar to heaven, but is different in key areas:




a place regarded in various religions as the abode of God (or the gods) and the angels, and of the good after death, often traditionally depicted as being above the sky.



a place of safety or refuge

Heaven is a religious concept that is based on belief in the religion(s) associated with it.

But a haven can be made right here on earth.

It just has to be safer than the hell I described earlier.

If you search for havens instead of seeking heavens, you may find you can live on. After suffering, if not after death.

After the old habits have faded into better ones.

After the nightmare, you can wake up and treat the day like it was a place of refuge, and you are alive to dream a better dream than that one.

Be present,

Be safe,

And be well.

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