Life is a Treasure Hunt (Lesson One)

My dear boys,

    Everything that exists is treasure. All of it. The most precious and rare treasure is you. And it isn’t just because I love you, it is because you are the most intelligent animal on the planet. It is a very high honor to be a human being, and you must always remember that. 

    You must gather treasure and keep it close to you. When you lose something, replace it quickly. 

    You must know what is of value to you. Once you realize you have the opportunity to have very valuable treasure, be ready to trade something you already have for it. 

    This is where I tell you about money and effort. 

    Effort comes from energy, which you have plenty of when you are young, and when you get older, your body and its wounds will decrease the amount of effort you can produce when it is needed. Therefore, do as much as you can while you are young, and when you are older, you will not have to do much at all. 

    Effort is a powerful trading tool. If you are willing to work (use effort) to pay for your treasures, you will have it all. But if effort is not enough, you will need money.

    Money is a more powerful trading tool than effort. Once it is yours to spend, choose well, and do not waste it. If it is necessary to pay in effort, then save your money for the things that cannot be bought with your energy. 

    For example, a woman is a precious gem, some are soft like sand, and some are hard like walls, but they are still human, and more valuable than men because they are able to become pregnant with children. Men cannot.

    All your life, be kind to women and children, and the sun will shine upon you.

    There are two types of treasure: objects and people.

    Objects like phones, sailboats, airplanes, watches, and a bed that fits your size. Food that fits your appetite, drinks that don’t compromise your energy, and papers that you sign that give you access to things you want. Treasure indeed.

    True treasure must bring value to your life. There is a time for ketchup and a time for coffee. A time for objects and a time for…

    People like friends, those who care for you, those you care for, those who are good to you, those who repay your kindness to them with their own kindness. Goodness is important, my sons.

    Goodness means making a promise and keeping it. This requires you know what you can do and what you cannot do, and that you are honest about it. Those who keep goodness close are more valuable than the infamous Golden Rule, which requires we treat people as equal to ourselves. The flaw in the golden rule is that not all people know how to treat themselves, and don’t always recognize the opportunity to treat others with kindness. History is full of inequalities, but equality is overrated, and honor is underrated.

    It is an act of honor (highly valued respect) to keep one’s promise. No matter who it is made to. Without regard to how valuable you find the person. The ideal that you hold yourself to, that of being Good, is a principle that guides even your intentions.

    For example, if you tell yourself you are going to find a certain treasure, earn and/or pay for it, and bring it home, you have made a promise to yourself. In order to keep that promise, you need effort and either money or more effort, maybe you need to trade another object for it – but let no one stop you.

And no matter how angry you become with people, do not trade them for objects or money. You can do that when you are in the career of business administration, or in the military, but never do you offer a human being in exchange for money. But if someone is holding human beings and will only let them go if they get objects or money and you can save them, use weapons to free people from such evil.

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