Advancement (Lesson Four)

“All life’s a stage.”

-William Shakespeare

My Dear Sons,

Actually, life is full of little stages that in the end you must find a connection amongst.

    This can be difficult.

    Nevertheless, you must progress through the stages of life having grabbed enough tools for the next stage and having made enough friends to help you see the best tools even if all you have seem to be the wrong ones.

    Be wary of friends who have many tools yet cannot use them. Of friends who only like you for your tools and use them so much that you cannot use them yourself.

    But never lose your trust in the friends that know the right tool from the wrong one. You must be this kind of friend to others.

    You will advance through many stages simply due to the knowledge of right and wrong. Useful and useless. Ripe and rotten.

    For people are like fruit from a tree. We begin to grow from tiny seeds, then we grow through each season until we are most useful. But fruit can decay much quicker than humans. A fruit’s life is short- perhaps half of a year. We humans can remain useful from the age we are fluent in the language of our culture until we have died, well past a hundred years.

    There are humans who do decay, however, and it is a tragedy that you must avoid at all costs.

    I implore you to remain useful to whatever culture you choose to be a part of. If the culture remains useful to you, that is.

    Be useful to your friends, to your community, and to your culture. These are the key to advancement.

    If a group you join soon cannot function properly without you, then you have become the main asset of the group. However, it is best to share glory in a group, amongst your friends, within your community, and if you can manage it, then in your chosen culture as well.

    Yes, culture is a choice.

    Genealogy is not.



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