To Struggle With God

The Jewish people have a word for “to struggle with God”. The word is “Israel”.

When I took a small philosophy course the existence of god was disproved so well that I stopped believing.

This was no small deal. 

I had a life full of God beforehand, and I intend to take it back now.

Because my struggle with God is not over.

I began to miss my experiences with God.

You may be able to assault the Father, but you haven’t felt His Spirit.

Even if you have no clue of the Holy Spirit, you still have to tango with the example set by Jesus Christ.

The point is: the Holy Trinity held up under philosophical scrutiny. 

For even though God is assailable, the atmosphere in a church is not, faith is not, the love we learn from Christianity is unassailable.

The feeling I get loving the Lord, cannot be given away. Should not be given away.

Yes, I struggle with God. Oh, ISRAEL!!!

Israel is not a sin.

Israel is to love God.

Israel is to follow Christ.

Israel is to be me.

It is to struggle with God.

Be Well.

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