The 50 Things Challenge

Ayn Rand once wrote: “Anything that a man desires and acts to achieve is a value, at least to him.”

Well if you are a complacent asshole in the suburbs living off of your family’s home ownership while you rent their basement using funds from the government and haven’t seen real work in over a year, it’s time you understood the value of a dollar.

It’s time you understood that; while of course, a dollar is hard to earn, easy to spend, and gone in the blink of an eye unless protected by a snobby stick up your ass, a dollar (peso, euro, what have you) may be the most valuable thing to anyone ever. 

As long as you have to work for it.

So, back to our complacent asshole who needs a swift kick in the ass. Living in the suburbs on someone else’s dime only works for housewives and dependents. The other folks are called mooches.

I can afford to insult you. I am you.

You’ve lost touch with the things you really desire while you have slipped into the role you currently occupy in bed all day with no one in it but you.

You don’t realize you eventually swapped out a queen size mattress for a twin because the rules in the house still don’t support the way you handle your own libido.

You eat next to nothing and still gain weight from your psychiatric diet and lack of exercise.

You’ve lost the will to act. And you’re reeking of it.

You can either blame anyone but yourself, but the battle lies within. 

You had good intentions in the beginning to stay out of trouble with the law, eventually “get on your feet”, and steer clear of illegal substances…

But people in your corner, also making less than they could, are telling you that you have something good going already. Asking you not to upset the status quo they’ve agreed upon for you.

It’s the same thing they’re doing to Britney Spears, but you’re the one “Tearing Up My Heart” (-*NSYNC), O Complacent One.

I want you to set a timer for 15 minutes for one purpose: to list 50 things you still want out of life. More if there is still time left. Any immediate desire does not count. Do not list “tie my shoe” or “lock up my bike”. Other than that, there are no limits.

When 15 minutes are up, it will be up to you whether you will achieve them. The goal is to help you realize your values- material, personal, spiritual- are still alive within you, and are waiting for someone to claim them.

Be well.

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