Dude, What is Omni?

You’ve gotta be some sort of asshole. 

I don’t want to hear how you’re Omni this and Omni that.

Dude, what is Omni?

If you were All knowing, then you knew my sister wouldn’t get the vaccine.

You knew that she would be hospitalized and somehow expect to leave within a day.

You knew how this would affect me.

Dude, what is Omni?

If you were All good, then would this virus have been unleashed on the world? 

Are we just Sodom & Gomorrah to you, motherfucker??

You don’t play with us.

If we are made in your image then you gave us all that shit.

What is Omni?

Dude, WE are Omni. 

We are the humans who see everything you were supposed to see but couldn’t stop from happening in all your fucked up sense of “Grace”.

In the words of Costello’s henchman Delahunt from ‘The Departed’- “so where the fuck werre ya?”

Where the fuck werre ya? In your Omnipresence to stop the woman who prayed the most in this family from…

She’s still alive. I have hope. But my prayers are small and simple:

“Be where you’re supposed to be.”

“Be here now, Jesus.”

“Where are you, my God?”

But you should recognize the flaws in my prayers are not the humility of your servants, but the pleads for mercy from those who have relied on you before and now believe that there is no sense in you.

But something must save my sister.

If it does, it will be science.

There is not a prayer in smoldering hot hell for you anymore.

Death is the end.

(How could you let death stick around too. If I were God, death would have been outdated by some point.)

Even science only comes so far…

I love my sister.

Be Well.

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