Governor Abbott is Going to be Fine

I wish I could just say “Hoping for a speedy recovery” but this isn’t one of those cases.

I’m hoping this governor of Texas gets a chest full of this stuff. Mostly because he’s been downplaying the negative effects of COVID-19 and restricting mask mandates in his state on the local level.

He’s even been in court on the mask mandate issue trying to convince the world that he, as governor, has the authority to counter “disaster response measures”. 

But the truth is, Governor Greg Abbott is going to survive this. He’s going to be given expert medical attention beyond the norm, just like former President Trump, the Downplayer in Chief, who didn’t have Abbott’s chances yet still got monoclonal antibodies and got to return to work within a few days.

Abbott, Governor of Texas, had been vaccinated before he tested positive for COVID-19 which automatically gives him a much bigger head start on recovery. The virus probably won’t land him in line for a ventilator, he probably won’t become bedridden with tubes crawling out of his body while his lungs fail and fail and fail, he probably will recover quickly, perhaps so quick that he won’t take the virus seriously enough.

That’s the real problem here. The antagonists to the nation’s progress and defeat of this virus never get the full list of symptoms possible and therefore never see the light. They are robbed of the first-hand experience that people like Tom Hanks- which is to say people with some public sway or at least with a possible public platform useful in a pandemic- went through in late 2020 where he and his wife came down with the virus before vaccines and were just hoping that they came through it alright.

Hanks is a protagonist of the nation’s progress against the virus. Not a hero, but a supporting character. Of course, the true heroes are on the frontlines in hospitals and emergency vehicles, treating the sick, testing the concerned, and vaccinating the willing.

The point is: The Governor from Texas is a COVID villain. Causing cases and deaths due to the misuse of his platform during this pandemic. It only serves him right that he tested positive for the virus at some point. If you don’t protect yourself, you leave yourself exposed.

This is also a reminder that vaccinated or not you can still get the virus. So it is important to wear a mask in settings the virus may be as well. It’s probably safe to just travel with a mask in your pocket just in case. And of course, to wear one where it is mandated, because there is a high probability that the virus can be transmitted easily in that area.

Get vaccinated.

Wear a mask.

Be Well.

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