Fifty Bucks

The night is a dark place to be. But for three individuals, it was just what they needed, or so it seemed…

    Lexi was a beautiful blonde who went by the nickname Sonya Blade. Tonight she had a bit of a problem. A man tried to steal her purse. A man she knew somehow. She figured she must have dated him at some point, he was rugged and a bit too focused on the purse.

    He would have gotten away with it. He won the purse in the struggle. After which Lexi ran into the bookstore to phone someone, and the man began searching the purse by streetlight.

    That was when a traveler who had seen the struggle stopped his vehicle and started a fight with the thief. But the traveler was also losing the struggle. Looking up from the ground, he saw the thief get distracted by something in the window. The thief blushed and an evil smile flashed over his face.

    The traveler seized his chance and gave the thief the upper cut of the century. Then he turned to see what had distracted the man, and saw Lexi buttoning back up the navy blue striped white cardigan hoodie under her jean vest.

    Wishing he had seen the distraction himself, he gathered up the things in her purse still lying in disarray on the ground. Lexi came out to help him. He handed her the half full purse. That was when the brown paper bag fell out. 

    Stacks of bills in rubber bands were just visible as the bag landed like a cat between the two. 

    “Did you…?” The traveler said.

    “Did I what?” Lexi said. Picking up the paper bag and putting it back where it was. Then she paused and reached into it. “Here’s fifty bucks. Thank you.”

    “Fifty bucks?”

Dreams, right?

Be Well.

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