Taking Weight Loss Seriously

Guys, raise your hand if you wanna look like this guy.

I’m out of excuses.

Before today I could blame everything from “What do I wear?” to “these antipsychotics are making me fat.” But today is different. Today I’m on different, modern antipsychotics that haven’t been shown to cause weight gain. I even weighed in at 9lbs less than before the switch.

And I have exercise outfits now. My favorites are a pair of basketball shorts from Target (black) that I can just add to any tee with Asic or Reebok active shoes and a pair of Hawaiian yoga pants that are blue but just as versatile.

But back to the conversation at hand: Taking Weight Loss Seriously.

I know, it’s the end of the year and it’s time for New Year’s Resolutions once we officially enter December and weight loss is America’s go-to resolution. But I’m talking about right now. If not tomorrow morning (because I’m blogging alongside my big brother as we continue a tradition of hard liquor and episodes of The Big Bang Theory – No, I’m not drunk. Believe me.).

My main motivation is to test out what I can do with my new psych meds. Formerly I did that with drugs to see how long I could stay high and other follies connected with mad science (a good story, I’ll have to tell it sometime). Secondarily though, I’ve been looking forward to losing weight for good and for real for a very long time.

Of course, I want my young body back. But since I don’t want to ACTUALLY be that skinny, I’ll settle for being a hunk of meat stuck to bones and sweating only in the gym (or while running) or in bed.

Concretely, I want to run. I still haven’t worked out the right conditions to begin or maintain a running schedule. I think the pressure of run clubs is only necessary if you’re headed to 5ks and beyond. But for me, this is going to be something I do until I die.

And isn’t that what we all want at the end of the day? Something that will last a lifetime?

What if that something was taking care of your physique? What if it were a daily practice? What if it were possible…?

At some point, the conditions come out in your favor, and it’s up to you to either take the opportunity before you or suffer the stagnation of your decision to remain complacent.

I refuse to stagnate. For me; that was the former medication. Now that I have this “remedy”- this new shot at wellness- I want to know how healthy I can be.

I want to know how well I can thrive, how far I can jog, how lean I can get these thighs, how much tone and mass I can get in my arms and chest, and if I can get a mature set of high quality (exposable) abs.

When I meet and surpass these goals, there’s a reward I want at the end: A back tattoo across the shoulder blades reading: “Relentless”.

And hey- I’m not dreaming here. I’m planning. I’m reapproaching my thoughts to support the habits I want to pick up.

And no- this isn’t a resolution for the new year. I’m too excited to wait for all that.

It’s time to thrive.

Focus = Physique.

Let’s do this!

Be Well.

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