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I really like how the new site looks. HawkPo? How did I come up with that??? Anyway,

Be well.

SITE UPDATE: Feb 18, 2021 – The Polar Show

#Polar is a YouTube show I started a while back using a chromebook. Now that I have a proper camera, I want to be in front of it again.

Videos may be opinionated, informative, and excellent.

Please enjoy and check back regularly for the most audacious updates to the website.

Write on!

Site Update: Feb 16, 2021:

The New Beat: American Presidents

Why I’m switching focus:

A writer has to have a focus. A subject to fuel the pages. Without it, the pages might as well remain empty. At long last, I have found that subject. 

American Presidents.

Former, current, and future. It will be the current I follow, the beat I work, my main focus.

There will be other subjects, but my true love will be the presidency.

No president is off limits. They all will be subject to the scrutiny behind these eyes. 

This calls for revisions to my schedule, my website, and social media. I look forward to including myself among those who have written volumes about the men, and hopefully the women, who occupy the Oval Office.

It is a great honor, a grand mission, and an ambitious undertaking. But I would devote myself to nothing less in this lifetime.

With all said,

Let’s begin!

Site Update: Feb 13, 2021

“Modern Essays” as a name has become obsolete.

The project is now called “The Owl” to coincide with this writer’s desires without compromising on names.

I’m aware there are other Owls.

What’s new?

Write on.

Site Update: Jan 13, 2021

“Modern Essays

The answer had been staring me right in the face. Apparently, the best way to describe my work, is as a series of short pieces of writing on particular subjects. The definition of an essay is the same, “a short piece of writing about a particular subject” granting it’s promotion to the header of the website’s main page. 

So there we are. I know every update feels like a resolution only to be replaced the next day, and this is today. 

In the words of Wendell Phillips:

“I will utter what I believe today, if it should contradict all I said yesterday.”

Write on.

Site Update: Jan 12, 2021

At this time, we have decided to expand the purpose of the website to include all that has been posted in the blog, as well as the anticipated blogging of the future. 

It is an extension of yesterday’s brainstorming to revise the website so that it fits the full gamut of what a visitor would expect if they were to peruse the blog section. 

They’ll find posts that look like news articles, some that seem like the end or begin in a vignette, while others are so encouraging they border on poetry. 

Well I intended to be poetic, I intended to write journalistically, obviously, above all, I want to use my ideas. No matter how loose or focused they are on the names I have chosen to rally beneath. So the site name may change frequently.

This website is still a project and is two weeks old, very young for a website. At this point, I’m not trying to please endorsers or donors, I’m merely expressing the art, ideas, and responses that are unique to my own experience.

I endeavor, as you should as well, to…

Write. On.

Site Update: Jan 11, 2021

I want to reiterate my original intention of developing this website. It is still a place to communicate ideas, responses, remarks, essays, speeches, and inner poetry. Two weeks after the first blog entry and not only does it do all of the above, but I’m starting to study headlines and dilemmas related to the psychological experience known as “the self”. I’m also, apparently, very keen on helping others.

Once I realized this, I started looking to say it in a catchy way. That doesn’t come to the mind very easily. The closest I got was “Real Character. Real Stories.” But it doesn’t quite capture it ALL.

So I did some brainstorming and came up with two verbs that will serve as the core intention of this website from this point on. It isn’t “Bold, Current, Original” though that was a fun phase with very bad graphics! Anyway, the purpose of this website is now to Inform and Clarify.

Write on.

Site Update: Jan 4, 2021

While we await much needed funding, which would provide essential personnel, instead of one static image, we’ll be using images from the latest post on the welcome page. A link to that post will be included in the caption beneath the image.

Since it’s such a great idea, we’re brainstorming our logo, it’s look, and where to place it.

Write on.

Site Updates: Jan 3, 2021

The Vitalante is now The Vitalist.

We realized our dreams led us in the direction of an online journal. To signal this change, we’ve revised it’s name and updated relevant areas to reflect the revision.

Write on.

Site Updates: Jan 2, 2021

First, thank you for visiting. There have been some New Year’s changes that must be introduced. 

The Vitalante is now a Most Audacious project. This allows for the growth of this project to include donations, collaborations, and adds a well needed brand for future projects. Think of Most Audacious as the banner flown by The Vitalante, much like an individual or team gathered and emboldened by an ideal.

Most Audacious wants to grow. To collaborate. To spill our hearts and be heard. 

The funds gathered by any donations will be used to further the Most Audacious Project, support our writers, and increase the value of the website before you. More about that is near the bottom of the main page.

Feeling Audacious?

Visit the contact page. There you will find an email address where content submissions, feedback, design ideas, and project suggestions can be shared.

Write on.

Emmanuel Williams (Site Admin, Writer – aka outletuser) and The Name “Vitalante”.

The Vitalante is a concept born of the words “vital” and “vigilante” which were brainstormed on a white board for dramatic effect. What I really needed was a place to communicate my ideas, responses, remarks, essays, speeches… my inner “poetry”. Also, I’m a huge fan of Batman, the masked vigilante, according to comic book lore, and a lot of great blog names were taken (like “The Vigilante” or “Vital Views”). So here we are. Take it or leave it, I would like to tell you a few vital things.