Examined: The Tux

Ryan Gosling


There are many things I want to cover, and I refuse to waste your time without first attempting haste.

In a broad sense, this particular blog project is aimed at fashion. In specific, I will be examining trends in the world of fashion based on 5 criteria: Function, Attractiveness, Wear (casual, versatile, etc.), Purpose, and History.

For example, take The Tuxedo. Imagine who’s wearing it. Whether it’s George Clooney or Jack Black is not important. 

Functionally, the Tuxedo is versatile across formal ceremonies and occasions. Homeless men do not sleep in tuxedos, drunk men with something to celebrate would be lucky to, however, provided they don’t ruin it next to the bucket in the morning.

Are tuxedos attractive? On their own; massively. Not only as expensive attire one can aspire to, but whilst wearing it, a man can look taller, healthier, more socially dominant, and feel enormously proud. Outwardly, a gal is typically impressed more by Jack Black in a tux than Jack Black in a pastel, hippie tie-dye tee shirt with a lobster bib around his neck containing ketchup stains. 

The wear of a Tuxedo is strictly for Formal occasions. One does not visit his doctor in a tux unless he is about to murder him, possibly taking his prescription pad to start a criminal enterprise in a fit of vengeance. Tuxedo wear is simple, but wait until we cover more controversial and possibly difficult topics – i.e. high heels, the thong, the vest, the little black dress, or the skate shoe.

In terms of Purpose, the tuxedos intention was originally based on informal outdoor wear for the British upper class. What makes it a go-to for evening wear, weddings, and upscale dinners nowadays is a matter of time and direction of the men’s suit entirely.

Throughout history, the tuxedo is best known for its presence in films. The James Bond franchise, most notably. But it’s presence in the United States formed very early in the 1880’s by showing up on the backs of wealthy men who attended a highly upscale men’s club in Tuxedo Park, New York, where the name of this suit comes from. Apparently a fellow by the name of James Porter brought the idea to this location after being introduced to the fashion by the Prince of Wales around the same time.

There you have it. The 5 criteria for examining any trend in fashion today. In addition to these criteria I will offer a, hopefully short, opinion on each fashion trend.

The Tux is a mainstay. It’s longevity will be attributed to it’s requirement in the dreams of engaged couples, if not royalty itself.

I bid you adieu.

Be Well