One Bad Motha…

The reason fathers don’t have their children and the mother does is simple. Mother’s without children are bigger liabilities for law enforcement than men without children.

Women lose their minds when they lose their children. To the point that medical attention is required.

A father handles this pain much easier. After all, no one spent 9 months in his belly to be ripped away before they could be raised.

I’ve seen it all too much.

My ex girlfriend? Had 4 children before we started dating. They don’t trust her with them. She has felony kidnapping in her past. Charged. She now tries to find her way through a maze of homelessness and disregard as a mother.

One of my sisters? Had 3 children before she broke up with the father. He left her. Just took the kids and relocated. I don’t now all the details of their breakup. But now she’s holding on to a delusional, exaggerated sense of power. She lives in a homeless shelter as of just a few days ago. 

My ex would attract police presence while she had my son, enough to make them pull the child away from her and open the dependency/neglect case that cost me my parental rights ultimately.

My sister would call the police on her own brothers and sisters while we tried to get her out of the house, then another time while my brother was riding with her in another sister’s car she happened to be driving. Luckily she dropped him off before any law was scrutinized in the matter. According to him, he was just headed to a college campus and needed a lift. They must have argued along the way.

Nevertheless, as heartbroken as I am about it, I’m not about to make matters worse and forget that the law could make a full mockery of me in court because I (still) don’t know it well enough. 

My brother I cannot speak for, but he doesn’t give the police any problems either. We both seem to have learned not to tango with the law unless we have the evidence (or chutzpah) to succeed.

The law may or may not be skewed compassionately towards women’s plight in legal arenas, or it may be as I’ve explained: women who have lost their children are bigger problems to the legal authorities.

I may be off-base here, or perhaps I am completely wrong. But the evidence around me backs me up on this. 

It isn’t a conspiracy theory. Quite the opposite. I’m attempting to disprove a conspiracy; namely that law enforcement has conspired to work against men with records who have become fathers. 

And I don’t have the blog space to tackle that. Huge. Anthill.

Be Well.