Electric Avenue Ahead

    I’ve been playing acoustic guitar for just a couple years now. I got more serious about it the last two though. And though I thought I would be buying the tools to get royally stoned this week, instead I did something else. Something awesome, something excellent, something downright righteous:

I bought an electric guitar.

    I mean, all together I bought an electric guitar, an amp, a chord, a strap, a few picks, and the pack comes with a tuner but you can tune anything with the right app.

    Speaking of apps, I’ll be learning the electric guitar ways with Fender Play. It comes with a free trial and my favorite part: a pathway to playing “Rock” music.

    Needless to say, I’ll be sharing bits and pieces of my journey in the blog section. I look forward to rocking and melting some faces, shredding and most of all, learning and having fun doing it.

    If all goes to plan, I’ll have the guitar, amp, etc. by Th. 3/4//21, but since there’s construction being done on my bathroom, it’ll probably be evening or the next day when I get to spend time with it.

    Anyway, I’m very excited about this upgrade. As an investment it really shows how much I believe in my own playing. But if I thought the acoustic was awesome, I’m prepared to be mind blown by what I can do with reverb and distortion control. 

Wish me luck!

Be well.