(Power) vs Love

No one’s ever given up power for love.

That puts duty before love. 

… and by extension, work/career must come first. What else is duty?


It is important to discuss what we are reaching for.

Lend me your imagination here:

It is as if a man and a woman danced together formally. In such an instance, the man leads.

If there were crowns involved, and the woman were to to take the man’s crown as he wore it and knelt facing away from her, that is, behind his back, she would put it on, he would rise and behold her as she faced away and donned the crown on her own head with much personal satisfaction. She has taken power. If for an instant.

In another dance involving a crown, the woman would kneel before the man and he would bestow it upon her, giving her power instead of her taking it.

In yet another, the man/woman dances alone with their crown.

Better yet, they both wear their own crowns and once again the man leads.

The point is: a man’s duty to lead goes beyond his obligations to power, a woman’s duty just the same. But without love…

Perhaps a better example is required.

One’s power is their ability to carry out their duty. 

Duty to self and duty to another. 

Duty to the world.

To sister.

To brother. 

Duty to home and duty to neighbor. 

Duty during battle and duty at labor.

Love itself is not a duty. It is a feeling, however strong, that has never matched ambition, intention, or devotion. Especially when that devotion is to a country.

It is noble to choose one’s duty over one’s heart. This is how you attain things that one cannot truly live without.

But one should not chase love through their duty or through their power. For surely love will bring you weakness and downfall should it never arrive, or worse; leave you.

Love is fleeting, complicated, and with a well known shelf life if commitments are made to the wrong individual or circumstances deteriorate.

Duty outlasts love. This alone gives it all the power that duty, or you, will ever need.

Be Well.

Your Path, Your Power

It’s time. It’s always been time.

Choose this day whom you will serve. 

Once and for all.

Do not wait to be given a leader, they’ll force themselves on you with easily manufactured persuasive language. 

They only promise you the path they are on, which may not be Right just because it is Best. If someone is offering you a path to serve, be sure you have been serving the path already but cannot do it alone. 

Precommitment is a Prerequisite. Like boarding a train or an Uber. Hold on to your destination like you’re paying for it. 

Lost? Get to the nearest stop, and find a path you remember. You can also go back where you started. Keep going until you find a path you agree with. Even a path you remember that pleases you.

If you’re having a crisis of conscience and don’t know which path to take, then consider you may only be weighing a few options. Get. More. Options.

If you can’t see more options, someone else can. If you’re surrounded by imbeciles, it could be an opportunity to educate someone or take the obvious route toward finding smarter people. Too smart to remember moral solutions and they may need a reminder of what’s important.

Remember: you can always rely on your memories. Unless you have brain damage or use brain damaging substances. Then you are blind to your senses, especially those of balance, navigation, and logic. All tools a captain needs. You’re the captain, of your own ship, on this big ocean of life.

I leave you with a passage from the Bible. Not to preach at you, but to further display the point. You do not want to be lost, you don’t want to be found lost, you want a path you love, a path you recognize, a path to follow out of your sense of choice in the matter. From a position of power.

Be powerful.

“And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” (Joshua 24:15; Holy Bible, King James Version)