Introducing Project Thunder!

Hmm… Saturday.

I am going to move in the opposite direction on the train. This way I avoid the areas thick with drug dealers, users, and the like.

I have just a few food stamps. Enough to get a Gatorade and perhaps a bite to eat. So far all my ideas have been full of sugar. 

I figure if I go to Walgreens instead of 7Eleven I’ll have an easier time choosing valuable snacks.

No chips. No cookies. No sugar.

Okay, that leaves healthy snacks. Like pretzels and hummus. Delicious.

I’ll be looking for that. 

In other news it’s a fantastic day weather wise. No complaints there.

Biding my time until the next check. Then I’ll start my gym membership and see what can be done about my new project – my physique.

I’m calling it “Something, Something… Thunder”.

As in, “from thunder thighs to thunder biceps”.

Ambitious? I think not. Which is just fine with me. I’m not trying to have a heart attack, I’m just trying to strike up a regimen at a location I can rely on. Maybe meet some new people. Maybe get in shape. 

So the goal is to tone up, maintain a healthy weight, gain new friends, and strengthen my upper body – from the torso up. 

If I get to a point where I can jog, I’d be elated. 

So here goes nothing!

Actually, here goes Project Thunder!

There’s a lad, call it what it is!

Lol, be well.